Richard takes multi-tasking to a whole new level May 14, 2014

Richard Twilton, our technical manager, was in his element when he recently tested out the Syrp Genie Motion Control Device, a new piece of kit that offers a range of effect capabilities.

In this video he combined the genie with a track and dolly, utilising its ability to repeat the same moves very accurately, to make it look as if he was watching himself work incredibly quickly. He borrowed the idea from the opening credits to the BBC comedy Come Fly With Me, where they created the same effect with incredibly expensive and complex motion tracking equipment.

Shooting on the Canon C300 he did the whole tracking shot twice, the first time he used the C300’s slow and quick function recording a time-lapse of life in the kit room over the course of an hour and for the second he shot at normal speed with a green screen behind him and sped up the genie to match the first shot.

Finally, he simply composited the two shots seamlessly together by removing the green screen to create the final effect…

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