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Media Dog Mark shoots Gadget Show Charity single “Music with You” July 28, 2014

Media Dog supports The Gadget Show’s Charity single This Sunday sees the release of The Gadget Show, Charity single, “Music with You” featuring the Tech Warriors Jason Bradbury, Amy Williams and Ortis Deley aka The O Dog. Regular Gadget Show cameraman, Media Dog Mark, filmed the making of the single which had the three Gadget Show presenters embark on the challenge of testing whether it was possible to use consumer-level technologies to produce and release a track, and have it…

Muddy Media Dog May 16, 2014

Mark Treddinick, one of the Media Dog captains, was out enjoying himself (and getting very muddy!) whilst working on the new series of The Gadget Show at the Land Rover Experience this week – alright for some eh?  

Mr Methane causes a stink in the Gadget Show Studio March 26, 2014

Mr Methane is a Performing Flatulist, or Petomane, performs the Art of Controlled Anal Voicing employing the same technique as 19th Century French man Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane. It has to be seen and heard to be believed. Richard from Media Dog was heard to utter… ‘There are some days at work, you will just never forget’

Media Dog hangs out with Philip Bloom March 25, 2014

On last nights Gadget Show, Mark form Media Dog was hanging out with Cinematographer and DSLR champion Philip Bloom as they tested editing software using a multitude of cameras. This item was shot on our Sony F5 using the Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 lens.   Take a look at the finished item