Media Dog, Mark Tredinnick, The Gadget Show

Mark Tredinnick

Company Director and Film Director

  • Having started work in television 15 years ago at ITV I have a lot of broadcast experience as a lighting cameraman. I’ve had extensive training working for the BBC and ITV and have both studio and location experience on single and multi-camera shoots. I’ve worked on a huge variety of productions including news, lifestyle, factual and children’s programming, as well as corporate projects. My approach to work is extremely methodical, creative and calm. I’m used to working under pressure and have learnt how to make quick decisions and to come up with winning solutions on the spot. I love to be busy and spend my time between running Media Dog Films and Media Dog Hire with my business partner, Rob, and working on the likes of the Gadget Show and Blue Peter.
  • My strengths are my super keen eye for detail, a penchant for precision and extremely high standards. Quality is crucial.
  • My weakness is not being able to let go of the small stuff and always seeking perfection.
  • In my spare time I love to explore, cook and catch up with friends.
  • If I could be any dog it would be a basset hound – they are sweet tempered, tenacious, gentle, affectionate, friendly and devoted.