Richard Twilton

Camera Operator

  • I joined Media Dog in 2012. My role includes looking after all of our equipment for Media Dog Hire (Media Dog Films sister company), camera operation, timelapse photography, jack of all trades; camera, lighting, grip – anything the video production company needs! Previously I spent two years as a local newspaper photographer in London where I also completed a degree in Photojournalism. I’ve worked as a camera assistant on TV shows including the Gadget Show, Guy Martin and Gok does Panto, as well as numerous TV adverts, short films and music videos.
  • My strengths? How much time do you have! I’m technically skilled, a good problem solver, high power to bodyweight ratio and can do VAT calculations in my head.
  • My weaknesses… sometimes a lack of tact (not intentional), really rather short (not intentional), surly (mostly intentional).
  • Hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, running, films and video games (playing and creating).
  • If I could be any dog it would be a whippet, the poor man’s racehorse. I googled them, and they¬†are actually total badasses. Small, with an unusually low resting heart rate, equally happy exercising or lounging around. An intelligent dog, they also share my dislike of being unexpectedly touched.