The power of video June 23, 2014

Why video should be part of your content marketing strategy

For those of you who prefer colourful pictures, infographics, sketches and other such visual assets when taking in new information – you’re not alone. Around 2/3 of people are visual learners – an important fact for those who are trying to sell a product or service and a crucial piece of knowledge for any content/digital marketing strategy. Whilst lots of written copy is great for SEO assistance and can be a tempting way of explaining a service or selling a product, sometimes less is more and the power of video can be far more rewarding and gain greater ROI.

Our brains can process visual data much faster than text so the use of video enables you to embed information in the minds of your potential customers easily and effectively. In just one minute of online video your viewer will retain as much info as they would from a whopping 1.8 million written words! Our brains are wired to respond better to a combination of both visual and audio stimuli. But with 60% of online users claiming to prefer video to text it’s no wonder there’s been an increase in video marketing popularity. Corporate videos are on the rise and video email marketing is gaining greater results.

Watching videos, to some, can seem like a lazy way to absorb information but to the 80% of internet users that watch videos they offer a sense of realism and capture so much more than words alone can ever offer. They’re a great way for viewers to get an instant taste for a company, become engaged with a brand, be enticed by a product, learn from an expert, be amused by a cat wearing sunglasses (there are some bizarre animal videos out there!) and then easily, and immediately, share these with the masses – 60% of us now share videos on social.

For digital and content marketers videos are a powerful tool in driving traffic to websites, capturing the attention of the target audience and hopefully persuading them into taking action; whether that be buying, donating, sharing, commenting or signing up. A recent study discovered that web visitors stay on average two minutes longer if there is a video present – a stat that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you’re interested in discussing how video can compliment your digital marketing strategy, drop Krysten an email at or give us a call on 0121 285 0021– we’re always eager to chat video, advise on your approach and bounce ideas around. We look forward to hearing from you.

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