Our Approach

Your story, our adventure

We believe heavily in engaging and interacting with our clients to forge strong relationships built on trust, excitement and energy. We enjoy collaborative partnerships and offer tailored project management to meet your film production needs and timescales. Our creative approach ensures your film stands out from your competitors and is appropriately targeted to reach your marketing objectives. We’re passionate about film making and throw everything into our film productions to give you the best possible service.



During the exploration phase we immerse ourselves in your brief and get to grips with your brand, objectives and ideas. Outlining clear goals and expectations is crucial to us – we want to ensure you have the best end product that exceeds your brief and tells your story in the most engaging and aspirational way. We will then develop your project plan and agree key dates and activity to hit your all important project deadline.



The honing phase involves us donning our creative hats to further develop your concept and define your story. Research, brainstorming, narrative development and script writing takes place to refine the structure and feel of your film before it enters production. We will collaborate with you throughout this phase to get that winning balance of our fresh perspective and film making experience, alongside your deep knowledge of your brand.



Lights, camera, action! Fully briefed and raring to go, our talented crew gear up with our cutting edge broadcast equipment and start shooting and directing. With a clear narrative in mind, heaps of expertise to gain the most out of your contributors and a passion for capturing the best material, your footage then enters post production where it is edited, transformed into a film and crafted into a compelling story.



On delivery of the first draft of your film we work with you to implement your feedback to ensure you get the final cut you’re proud of and excited by. We want you, and your target audience, to feel that ‘wow factor’ when watching your film. We take huge pride in our work and have extremely high standards so you won’t be alone when seeking that final perfect edit. We’re dedicated to helping you reach and exceed your objectives.