Video marketing offers maximum conversation impact July 1, 2014

Video marketing – the marketing tool that offers maximum conversation impact

Visual impact is a key element in any conversation. According to a recent study on conversation impact, words alone only have 7% impact, tone and voice has 38% impact and body language has a huge 55% impact on people conversing. Video marketing is one of the only marketing tools that can present this must-have aspect of conversation and enables you to emotionally reach out to your customer. Marketing is all about having a conversation with your audience and video marketing allows you to do just that.

The power of people

Videos can draw on real life experiences and testimonials, and feature genuine people expressing words, tone and body language, as opposed to a photo and a wordy description. Real people evoke trust and will help you build and create lasting relationships with your audience.

Where the digital age has created a void in people-to-people physical connections, with less people visiting shops and instead opting for digital buying online, videos can allow customers to feel that real-life brand experience and can even offer an in-store alternative by including product information that may have been sought in the high-street shop.

Compel and create

Video marketing is a valuable tool and if the content is appropriately targeted you can compel your audience with enticing, interesting and relevant content. Videos are the ideal way to add value to your marketing activity, tell your brand story in a unique way, explain a product in a simple and engaging way and ultimately get your message across that will encourage your audience to take action.

Reaching results

An engaging corporate film can help you achieve a multitude of results. It’ll keep people on your website for an average of two minutes longer, therefore keeping them more engaged with your brand and product, and you’ll have a higher chance of them subscribing/ purchasing/ taking action – people are 84% more likely to buy a product having watched a film about it first.

Videos are easy to share and approximately 60% of us are doing just that and with over 75% of brand video posts being shared on Facebook, videos are the most shared content on the social platform. In addition, 2/3 of Twitter users are likely to watch a video tweeted by a brand – a powerful reason to be getting your product in front of your captive audience.

When it comes to SEO YouTube is the second biggest search engine – a video can increase your chance of ranking on the first page on Google by 53%.

Your story, our adventure

To find out more about how video marketing can help your brand get in touch to find out how we can bring your brand or product to life by creating a quality film that will target your audience and help you reach your results.


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