What a Goldfinger Carry On May 9, 2014

Mark (one of our Media Dog Captains) was out and about at Pinewood Studios this week scouting out some new Avid Editing systems when he got a bit lost and stumbled down two roads… An avenue which had him humming and whistling a very famous James Bond tune for the rest of the week and one that took him quite literally, on a trip down memory lane – what a ‘Carry On’!

Goldfinger Trivia

Whilst recording the famous Goldfinger theme song apparently Shirley Bassey nearly passed out in the recording studio after holding the last note for too long – luckily Mark didn’t experience the same problem.

We love a bit of ‘techy’ sound editing and so did Norman Wanstall the Sound Effects Editor on Goldfinger (1964 film) who simulated the sound of a car crumpling using the sound of crumpling beer cans! Cheers to that.

Peter Rogers Trivia

Peter Rogers was most famous for producing a whooping 31 of the laughter-inducing ‘Carry On’ films and produced over 100 films during his successful career.

According to IMDB, Peter Rogers was quoted as saying: “They were all alike, weren’t they? We made 31 films out of one gag.” when referring to the Carry On films.

As a young boy he was terrified of cows!

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